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After reading this weeks chapter I have learned that the media will provoke you to answer their questions and want you to give them a report. The director of communications objective is to retrieve and evaluate all information for accuracy and company regulations before it is released to the press. As the Director of Communications, I feel I can control what information I want to give to the media if its within ethical guidelines. As the public communicator, I can recommend to my employees and department what information can and to whom it should be released. Individuals must be wise regarding information that is distributed to agencies, internet and social media. The role is to ensure that all messages are consistent and conscientiously worded to make sure there is no potential negative impacts. I will not be intimidated and will dictate the flow of information always given regardless of the pressure by media. Additional information will not be disclosed unless it is beneficial to county business.  If given authority as the PIO, you can limit or increase access to agency people and to news that is not printed or distributed to all media, even to the extremes of outright favoritism or freezing out certain media (Lee, Neeley, & Stewart, 2012). My boss should be mindful that I have a duty to perform and will not jeopardize my employment for opinions on stereotyping. My boss should feel confident of my capabilities with the education, experience and knowledge I possess. Serving as the liaison for the county communication I will volunteer to speak at press conferences and interviews on behalf of my boss if requested. 


Lee, M., Neeley, G., & Stewart, K. (2012). The Practice Of Government Public Relations. CRC Press.


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